Our Company

Omnis Network, LLC was formed in 1999 by a team of proven internet services industry veterans with the simple goal of providing valued based, enterprise class internet services. Omnis has been the choice for SMB customers due to our willingness to assist them in every way possible. We are a data center operations company that strives to provide 100% uptime, flexible solutions and great support.

Our Employees

Based out of our Tempe, Arizona office, we have a full technical support department with highly trained sales, customer service and technical support service specialists, and on-site network administrators with over ten years of hands-on experience. The support department practices a personal, client-focused approach with the goal of helping you with your individual needs. Our technical team has a well rounded and strong understanding of the various layers of technology from Cisco hardware to Unix and Windows operating systems, KVM, Xen and OpenVZ virtualization to MySql and PHP applications and much more.

Our Facility

Omnis Data Centers owns and maintains a reliable, redundant and secure data center in Tempe, Arizona. With multiple Internet connections managed through IO and Phoenix NAP in Phoenix, Arizona, our premium connectivity translates into an extremely fast, reliable network. Having reliable and redundant power and advanced cooling systems insures that hardware in our facility will always be on. With physical security in the form of 24/7/365 surveillance, two factor authentication using a combination of card keys and biometric scanners and logical security which includes advanced monitoring software, intrusion detection systems and firewalls, insures that your data is safe and secure.