Disaster Recovery Triage Solutions


As enterprises move to a more agile and cloud-based environment Carrier networks have become increasingly critical of these solutions.

The growing complexity of next-generation applications means that traditional approaches to application deployment and management of these Carrier networks no longer meet business expectations.

IP-based delivery is only as good as its internet connections themselves; they need to be fast, reliable,diverse and secure. Customers are looking for performance and time to recover if their service goes down.

Geographically diverse

A key component of any Disaster Recovery strategy and connectivity plan is redundancy and true geographically diverse Carrier networks.

Human error and Carrier circuits are the largest cause of network downtime.

But how does an enterprise recognize true diversity in their Wide Area Network and mitigate some of the issues that come with network outages?

A key component of Omnis' solutions is our ability to identify these weaknesses in the Carriers' network



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Most competitive carriers do not rely 100 percent on their own network infrastructure end-to-end, but instead have to lease a portion of the links from other Carriers, either through the incumbent or a wholesale provider that provides multiple circuits in the same fiber bundle over the same physical routes as they sell to numerous Carriers.


Omnis' end-to-end and cost saving solutions can help IT departments monitor and meet Service-Level Agreements.

For a free analysis on how we can help you reduce the Time of Recovery of your network outages and automate the process, please contact us at vsandoval@omnis.com

Time to Recovery

IT department should consider automating as many processes as possible. Manual processes create long deployment and recovery times and lead to human error. IT leaders should strive to automate as many of the manual, repetitive processes as possible.

Omnis brings economies of scale since we have already made the investment in requiring both infrastructure services and in support 24x7 capabilities. Working with us and our state of the art tools, enterprises are able to benefit from strategic agility and increased operational flexibility and savings.

Disaster Recovery Solutions

An outage can be costly to enterprises, our Disaster Recovery Triage solutions help our customers monitor, detect and alert all carrier outages in their entire WAN. And should an outage occur in their network we will take ownership of the outage and submit trouble tickets to the providers and drive them to resolution.

Where we differ is through our two-phase approach with a six stage system for our Disaster Recovery Triage solutions. Our intent is to provide solutions to help restore(failover/failback) the network that supports mission-critical infrastructure and critical business processes as swiftly as conceivable.