System Monitoring

Omnis system monitoring offers you the assurance that all of your critical systems will be under constant surveillance 24/7/365. Our technical support staff is immediately alerted when any potentially troubling issue arises. Customers can also request to receive these alerts. System monitoring can include: real time server statistics including CPU, memory usage, network traffic, ping checks, port scan, server uptime, and much more. Our system monitoring is customized for each client specifications.

Notifications Alerts

Our network monitoring service provides network uptime monitoring to ensure that our customer’s devices and services are up and running 24x7. Our technical staff is made aware of any alert for diagnosis and repair as necessary. Advanced notifications can be sent to a local or off-site monitoring device, such as a smart phone or in an email. This can be used to test your server for response time, page load time, interface and port availability. Reports can be set to daily, weekly, monthly, or any other customized time frame.

Managed Backups

Managed Backups are a reliable solution for the complex task of ensuring that your critical data is safe. Managed Backups ensure that your critical data is backed up in regular intervals. Managed Backups are conducted in daily incremental (2-week retention), weekly full (4-week retention) and monthly full (6-month retention). Whether your backup requirements are straightforward, or require coordination with advanced applications like databases or other active files, our engineers can build an effective backup plan to fit your specific needs.

Network Security

Omnis security provides a variety of services, from large scale mitigation of denial of service attacks, to server auditing, to password testing. Need advice on how best to secure your site? Our security team can assist you in the best solution for your needs. Getting too much spam?  We can help you choose the best anti-spam options for your mail server.  Concerned that your system has already been compromised? Our team can check for rogue processes or unwarranted access, close the security breach, and then assist you in preventing future issues.

Though vulnerability scans, Omnis tests your applications to make sure they are not easily penetrated by outside attackers. These scans protect your online presence and sensitive data from those capable of causing harm to your environment.

Network and Application Scans

Omnis offers four different types of network scans, but each scan comes with the following outstanding features:

  • Security scanning process recognized and validated by the US Department of Commerce and which exceeds the highest standards of NIST
  • Trend Analysis which allows you to actually compare one report to another over days and years and which builds your profile data to bring you limitless benefits

The four different types of network scans we offer are:

  1. External scanning: Perhaps the most common type of scan, this is where we test your vulnerability from an outsider's perspective. This means that we try to find how well your security will uphold against someone from outside your company attempting to find a way in.
  2. Internal scanning: Did you know that 70% of your attack surface is internal? In other words, you are potentially most vulnerable from within your own network. This is why internal scanning is so important to ensure you operate at the highest levels of security
  3. Unauthenticated scanning: In this case, we assess your vulnerabilities from the perspective of someone who doesn’t have credentials. This is mainly helpful to find basic configuration issues or input and output validation type errors
  4. Authenticated scanning: This type of scan tests your system’s vulnerabilities against attacks from someone who has credentials to your network. Since authenticated scanning gets “inside” your system, it allows for privilege escalation attack checks and to discover any business logic flaws that could become security defects.

Audits & Assessments

The Omnis Network Security team can audit and assess your servers and configurations.  They can provide suggestions on how to better protect your server through adjustments to application settings, firewall settings as well as make O/S level recommendations.  Also, through vulnerability assessment scans, Omnis Network Security can test your server to make sure it is secure from outside intrusions. These scans will protect your data, your systems and your reputation from the rogue elements of the Internet.

Firewall Protection

Sometimes you need more security. Your infrastructure complexity, the volume of traffic you receive, or just don’t want the overheard on your servers. Standing separate and in front of your systems, it allows for a greater range of security options, all without affecting the responsiveness of your server. Want your offices to share data with your server, and only your offices? You can setup a site to site VPN and treat your server as if it’s in the office, while it’s managed and secure here at Omnis. These are just a taste of what you can do with a hardware firewall. So let us know what your security requirements are, and we can make it happen for you.